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Collageborations, Volume 2

by Apskaft Allrats

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The Apskaft Symphony is something of a tour de force of the Apskaft collective. The participants of this project added a whole bunch of audio layers on top of each other and what we got as a result is a psychedelic track that spans over thirty minutes.


released August 2, 2010

The guilty parties are Quendus, Stalemar, awaycaboose, SilverlagE, the vitamin b12, Speculativism, Res Band, The Organdicks, Solstice Heath, Lucy Tentacles, Doctor Dexter, Agnostic Asylum, grey cubes and fydhws.




Apskaft Sweden

The sound of Apskaft is a collective of DIY avant-garde artists from all over the world, founded in 2007 by Jonas Lind.

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